Courageous Heart: The Art of RELAXATION.

In this video sharing a bit of an introduction to this channel ‘Courageous Heart’ and one of it’s main points of focus, being RELAXATION. This also from what I have personally walked in my life, having very much lived a life of extensive suppressed STRESS and FEAR. Where I have learned that to RELAX and to first and foremost learn HOW to relax is so important for me.

When it comes to ‘relaxation’, there’s definitely some key wisdom that is missing in this world. Where, in relation to that real, deep internal stress and anxiety and intense fears, there’s really nowhere to turn to for some real support on ‘how the hell do you ACTUALLY go from being a stressed-out, tensed-up, uptight, chicken-without-a-head, to a chilled-out, no-worries, down-to-earth, super-cool individual??’

I’m certainly not pretending to have all the answers, BUT I’m definitely up for the challenge of being a PIONEER within finding ways, methods and techniques that DO actually work – using the perfect guinea-pig: ME!

So if being an awkward, anxious, uncomfortable, unsettled and fearful misfit is something you can relate to, then by all means follow along on this journey of discovering RELAXATION.

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