Journey Towards the Best of Me

Meet Bitia- An example of what a little bit of deep work can do.

This was a completely unsolicited post/testimonial about her experience – I asked her permission to share it here.

When I used to think about ‘reaching my utmost potential’, ‘being successful’ and ‘being the best version of myself’ years ago, I used to think in terms of ‘building the habits of the rich and successful’ or doing cumulative actions every day that make my likelihood of ‘success’ in life more likely.

However, one of the biggest things I was missing, which I have come to understand more recently, is that the journey towards discovering my own talents, my own potential, my inner fire and being the best version of myself, involves, inevitably, a ‘journey’ into my past, not only a set of ‘cumulative actions into the future’. This journey, as an active, conscious exercise/work, started most markedly, when I started my work with Joe Kou.

Today, in a conversation with Joe, I gained a deeper understanding about how crucial it is to revisit the ’stories’ I/we tell ourselves. The stories of our past. The chapters… upon re-visiting one of those chapters today with Joe, I realized to what extent, all of our talents, our fire, our potential is sort of trapped or encapsulated or bottled in those stories we carry about our past. All that life energy of ours is consumed by those stories, playing over and over like a CD and manifesting in our lives in different forms, in different songs, with different rhythms but same lyrics.

Revisiting a crucial story of my past with Joe today was both a painful thing but also an experience that brought some brightness to my eyes, as I discovered or saw with more clarity some aspects of myself that hint into what my ‘beingness’ and my ‘gifts’ are. A sort of excitement and satisfaction came up within me as I realized that in that journey to the past I am starting to collect those ‘missing pieces’ or ‘hints’ that show me my gifts, my ‘original’ self or what I call my ‘beingness’. – I thus realized how obvious, yet so often ’not-considered’ this aspect of ’the journey towards the best version of myself’ is. It’s to review my ’stories’ and in a process of UNDERSTANDING, release/free part of my ‘life energy’ from them, allowing me to use that ‘life energy/those gifts’ more constructively towards my personal goals, towards a journey of discoveries, where what I used to think ‘was me’, wasn’t really me but a product of my past. So, even what I used to consider my ‘life goals’ to be, changed in that process, as they were also part of that ‘me’ who is more of a product of my past stories. – The ‘real’ me was often in the middle of those stories, hinting at me, leaving pieces of the puzzle here and there, scattered through the years, events and people of my past. And it’s only through re-journeying into my past that I can re-collect all those pieces and put them together into something that I yet have to discover. What I believe is truly the best version of me.

For this, I feel so grateful to you Joe, for walking with me. It’s almost a year since I know you, and the periods that I have worked with you have brought the most unexpected realizations and changes within me and around me. The most unexpected discoveries and sense of inner satisfaction, building up within me, little by little. The relief of revisiting trauma and pain and coming out of it with a better understanding of myself and my gifts/my fire is just so priceless… Thank you for walking with me and my partner. Thank you for your tremendous skill and integrity and life perspective/wisdom. Thank you for not being my guru, my teacher, my leader… but a co-walker, guiding me through the journey of darkness and pain that is involved in revisiting my past, but also the journey of opening gifts, like Christmas, that is also part of this journey.

Thank you Joe and as you know I like to make posts expressing my lengthy ideas and realizations and this one is a special one just for you, to recognize you once again and cherish you 🙂🐛🦋

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