Let’s Get WEIRD

Crazy. Weird. Abnormal. Strange. What are some of the ‘labels’ we use when there is something we can’t ‘define’ or understand? Maybe ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’ as well. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling like your entire life has been a sort of battle against these kind of labels. Like you’ve been trying to be as ‘normal’ as you possibly can. Trying to be that puzzle-piece that fits nicely into the tapestry or the puzzle that is ‘society’. Trying to look and be like all the other puzzle-pieces. Yet, never feeling like you do ‘fit’.

Never achieving that sense of relaxation you’d imagine that puzzle-piece experiences at fitting ever-so-nicely into the puzzle. That ‘aahhh. Yes, now I BELONG’ kind of experience. The kind of experience you imagine everybody else gets to experience. Everybody but you.

And I mean, it’s hard. To be and exist that way. Cause it means constant anxiety. Constantly wondering and worrying if you ‘fit in’. If you’re ‘normal’. If you’re ‘accepted’. It means never ACTUALLY relaxing. Being so uptight all the time that you don’t even realize how uptight you are. It’s just ‘who you are’. And in a way you can’t even fathom what it would be like to really ‘relax’. And you’re afraid of it. Cause to relax would mean that you might be ‘you’. And who knows who or what this ‘you’ person is anyways. Could be a total weirdo. So, you CAN’T relax, it’s just too risky.

But you know you need to relax lol. That you need to loosen the fuck up. Cause your anxiety is creating such consequences in you that you sometimes feel trapped inside your own body and mind. Unable to express yourself effectively. And feeling disempowered at what to do with yourself. Clearly you can’t express yourself. You can’t ‘be yourself’. Yet, not being yourself seems also not an option. Can’t get rid of yourself that easily. You just become some kind of caged animal that’s still looking for ways to get out and won’t be completely silenced. And just grows more and more angry.

And you may not think of yourself as an angry person, but just wait until you get more in touch with yourself lol. You are ANGRY. Trust me. And how could you not be, when you’ve spent your life never being allowed to express yourself? And for what? For some idea of ‘fitting in’? For a FEAR of how you may get labeled? I mean, is fear really worth it? Cause yes, right now you’ve sacrificed yourself at the altar of fear. Fear is God. And God says “don’t ever be yourself”.

But maybe relaxation doesn’t have to be so scary. Maybe you can learn to ‘relax’ in baby-steps. At your own pace. Learning to ‘become’ yourself. Learning to give up the fear and the anxiety in a gentle way that doesn’t give you even MORE fear and anxiety lol. There are ways. You’re not a lost cause, even though it may feel like that some days. And it starts with giving yourself a hug and forgiving yourself for not having treated yourself with more kindness and understanding. Go on. Give yourself a hug. Yes I mean physically. And now say, “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be kind and understanding with myself.” I’m not kidding. SAY IT.

I mean, nobody’s saying that ‘relaxing’ is going to be like anything that’s already here. All the usual definitions and ways of ‘relaxing’. If any of that actually worked we wouldn’t be here. So it’s gonna get a little weird sometimes. Embrace the weird. Weird is good. You know you want to. Venture into the crazy, the weird, the abnormal and the strange. It’s the key to being ALIVE. The thing you’ve always feared. Cause it’s where ‘you’ are. Within the undefined. That which doesn’t ‘fit’. That which may be labeled as weird or strange but only because it is ‘different’.

Let’s do this together. Follow my posts on Facebook where I share the techniques I have found are effective when it comes to ‘relaxing’, and also share some that I’ve developed based on my personal experiences and journey with having such a mind that needs to ‘loosen the fuck up’ lol. Let’s get RELAXED. Let’s get weird and embrace the weirdness and start ‘becoming’ ourselves.

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