Unlock the SECRET Power of Colors – Interview with Kim Amourette!

Kristina couldn’t help but learn more about color readings after receiving a personal reading from Kim Amourette, and so she decided to interview Kim about how all this came about, what it is she does exactly during a color reading and how these color readings can be used as a fun way to receive some deep, meaningful and mind-boggling specific support.

In Kristina’s words:

Let me introduce you to Space of Grace – An Online Holistic Wellness Center encouraging self-empowered healing. One of the practitioners, Kim Amourette, offers the service of Color Readings which I couldn’t help but partake in myself. It was Amazing! I asked Kim some questions about Space of Grace, herself, and Color Readings and put together this here video to showcase this unique and special gift Kim has to share and how color readings are a resource to dive deeper into self-understanding with the potential of transforming your life. What colors are you expressing and what do they have to say about you? I also share my colors and what they say about me!! Enjoy!

Curious to find out what colors you are living? You can order a personal color reading here: https://spaceofgrace.net/product/what-colors-are-you-living/


Kim Amourette is a Space of Grace practitioner, you can learn more about her and her unique support style by visiting her practice at https://spaceofgrace.net/practice/courageous-heart/

Courageous Heart: The Art of RELAXATION.

In this video sharing a bit of an introduction to this channel ‘Courageous Heart’ and one of it’s main points of focus, being RELAXATION. This also from what I have personally walked in my life, having very much lived a life of extensive suppressed STRESS and FEAR. Where I have learned that to RELAX and to first and foremost learn HOW to relax is so important for me.

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