Karmic ‘Astro Reading’ – What Others Are Saying

Read what clients are saying about receiving karmic astrology report readings:

I received a Karmic Astro Reading from Kim and it was so refreshing! I am used to astrology-related readings feeling quite vague, where you’re left with an experience of ‘yeah sure, I suppose….’ – but I didn’t have this with Kim’s reading, it felt like it was a reading for me and about me – not for all the people who happen to share my star sign.

But most refreshing is her approach with astrology, where she doesn’t take the readings in a prescriptive way (“this is who and how you are and the type of life and experiences you will have”) – but more as a tool to see ‘where you’re at’ from a karmic perspective and how you can further ‘break free’ from any predetermined/preconditioned path, to really come into yourself and shape your own destiny. Thank you, Kim! 

(client name withheld for privacy)

Coming from an Indian background all my experience with psychics were scams.. Kim helped clear that up.

Since I am not much into astrology, I wasn’t too keen on a karmic report etc, but Kim’s psychic sessions I would be always excited and found them very insightful. With psychic its her gift I see coming through.

AF from Cananda

Kim Scudamore is a Space of Grace practitioner, you can learn more about her and her unique support style by visiting her practice at https://spaceofgrace.net/practice/insights-online-cafe/

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This was a completely unsolicited post/testimonial about her experience – I asked her permission to share it here.

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