Have you heard about the Color Readings?!

The color readings!! Lol I always get a little giddy when I talk about them. Cause they’re COLORS! Eeeek! Colors!! Lol! Ok that’s what I wanted to say. End blog. Just kidding. I mean what is there to say really? Just do a color reading. I’m serious. Just go Here, click on ‘Add to Cart’, and buy a color reading. Then wait for my email, where I’ll say something along the lines of ‘Hi there, I saw that you ordered a color reading! Is there a particular topic or point you’d like me to do a reading on or would you prefer a general reading of the color that stands out the most for you at this time?’ And then you reply with something like ‘Hi, yes I’d like a Beingness reading please!’ or ‘Just a general reading for me!’, or ‘I have this pain in my neck and I was wondering if I could get a reading on that?!’.

I mean, you can get pretty creative here with the topic. Obviously a general reading will be more ‘specific’ in terms of tuning in to what’s going on within you and your life right now (whether you’re aware of it or not) and addressing the more, let’s say, ‘pressing’ or ‘pertinent’ matter and giving support around that. So that’s pretty cool. But a color reading can be about so many things. I have done color readings on the Universe! On the Corona virus lol! Now those ones were pretty damn interesting. Albeit not so much for the ‘faint of heart’. Like they really were ‘no bullshit’ in their message.

And I mean that’s also the cool thing about the readings. Is that they don’t shy away from the ‘dramatic’. From the ‘hard truths’ and sometimes uncomfortable or painful truths. So again, not for the faint of heart necessarily, BUT always in the context of support! That means that it won’t ever be something you won’t be able to handle so to speak and will be ‘specific’ to where you’re at within yourself and what’s going to actually support YOU within yourself and your life. Touching that deep part of your soul and speaking to the core of you.

That’s why I love these color readings so much. They hit something deep inside lol. It’s like they hit you right in the feels. In that part of you that’s real and that has been starving for some attention and for something, someone to just understand and notice. A part of you that even you yourself have come to neglect, cause you’ve just become so used to it being neglected by everything and everyone else in this world, so you’ve kind of given up on it yourself as well. And it rarely ever happens – if at all! – that someone comes along and moves that boulder away from that cave and goes ‘why hello there! Here you are! I see you!’, and makes you suddenly connect again with this ‘real you’ that you’d already long forgotten about.

That’s kind of been my starting point with the color readings. That I want to be able to give that to others as it has been given to me. Small and rare moments in my life when there was someone who actually saw ME – who I was deep inside – and suddenly ‘woke me up’ by reminding me that ‘I EXIST!’ There’s an actually ‘me’ inside, buried underneath a whole lot of rubble. Severely neglected and ignored and suppressed to the point of having been forgotten altogether. Just a moment in time, wherein suddenly everything makes sense, and I know who I am, and that I am Here, I am ALIVE, and I am REAL.

And I know you kind of know what I’m saying, but you also don’t want to believe it. You want to be ‘skeptical’. Because nothing EVER in this world has made sense. Nothing has ever felt REAL. So why should this? What makes this any different? Well my friend, I will tell you… but NOPE, you’ll just have to try it, and buy a color reading and find out! Lol. I’m not here to convince you. You’ll have to take the first step. Give yourself a chance! That’s how this works. You take the first step, and the world may surprise you yet!

So go on. You know you kind of want to. You know you’re curious. So just do it already! Geez! Don’t even think about it. Don’t listen to your brain for a second. It’s like jumping into cool water. Just gotta stop thinking about it and just take the plunge. You’ll be alright lol. You’ll just have done something you’ve never done before. Follow the simple instructions. Click Here. Buy the color reading. Await my email. Breathe. Lol. All will be well. You may relax and get excited about your color reading!

Kim Amourette

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