In this blog I wanted to bring up the topic of Patience and in this an attempt to convey the importance of this quality. This will be more in relation to health and healing, and in this the understanding of various aspects of Patience and the role it plays in this process. Also this is more relevant to diseases/conditions of chronic nature rather than acute.

Acute conditions by definition have a quick onset, short duration and usually are quite intense while chronic conditions on the other hand are created over an extended period of time and are much more resilient. This is mostly because we slowly accept chronic conditions to become an integral part of who we are. I always found the frog analogy best way to explain to myself the emergence and acceptance of our chronic maladies. It goes that when you throw a frog into a boiling water it will jump out (acute condition) and when the water is heated slowly the frog stays inside and boils to death (chronic stuff).

So the existence of chronic diseases/conditions reveals our tendency to slowly accept worsening states of being where we justify, compromise, settle for our limitations constantly allowing the “new normal”… “It’s not a big deal” we might be telling ourselves and that “I will deal with it later, tomorrow”. But years can go by, and usually do, before realization starts kicking in that the time might be slowly running out.

At this point when/if we do finally recognize and admit that we are in a bit of trouble it’s time to take action and this is where the Patience comes in. Nowadays this could prove a bit more challenging because our mind set is being constantly programmed to want faster and faster results, instant gratification, fast food, quick fix, next day delivery type of thing. And the pace at which most, especially western, societies are moving is rather crazy. Naturally this has influenced our medical systems as well, mostly because we demand, or sometimes are forced, to have results the next day. So the medical systems have adapted by becoming ever more quick and efficient… not without a consequence, however.

By focusing on speed and efficiency there is not enough time to deal with the source/origin of the problem and thus we only address the consequence, the end results, while the actual cause of the disease mostly remains untouched and will eventually seek other ways of expression when the initial “message”, as the uncomfortable symptoms that we experienced, has been closed down and shut off. The true and lasting change is something different. I mean everyone who has tried to change parts of themselves I am sure can attest to what it takes to really change and how arduous and time consuming this journey can be and usually is. And speaking about deep, chronic diseases and conditions – that requires some serious changes to be made, lots of time and Patience.

It does not seem to be a coincidence that a person who is sick has been called a Patient. As an adjective the word by definition means “to be able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”. I have seen too often how people keep running from one practitioner to another, from one discipline, method or technique to another and never seem to be able to settle, relax and find the right balance or the most practical and effective direction.

Perhaps it is important to realize that being Patient is not about giving up, it’s not about accepting or tolerating the problems indefinitely, but it’s more about realizing “It is what it is” and there is no need to get annoyed or become anxious about it. It’s also realizing that there is always a way, but if we are rushing, becoming restless and impatient we will keep missing it.

Sure there are times when there is just a bit too much to take and we need some help to figure things out. That is completely normal, I am sure we have all been there. Here it becomes important to have and create that space for yourself where you can truly reflect, have that patience that you need in order to see the big picture and find the way.

And this is one of the main reasons “Space of Grace” has emerged – to provide that space for those in need, to be that support structure when things get rough, to have the people available who really care and are ready to dive beyond the surface problems and actually address the deep issues necessary for true healing.

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