Depression. The following is a color reading on ‘depression’. Without trying to sound too ‘depressed’ lol. Cause isn’t depression just a pit that’s all too easy to fall into? We may think, ‘who me? No, I don’t get depressed’. But given the right circumstances, anyone can get depressed. It takes a certain mix. A certain ‘cocktail’ of just the right ingredients and even you will fall into the trap of depression. There’s no such thing as the ‘depressed personality’. Only the specific life-circumstances that caused just the right balances or imbalances of feelings and emotions for that person to feel depressed.

Depression is just one of those emotions that actually unites us all, interestingly enough. When you become depressed, you hit a certain ‘sore spot’ that exists in all of us humans equally. Which is our ability to ‘fall’, and not get back up. Our ability to fall and keep falling. Because that is what depression is. You just keep falling and you’re watching yourself fall without helping yourself get back up. You don’t even try, to lend a hand. You just sort of look at yourself falling and go, ‘well, I’ll see you in hell’. No compassion what-so-ever. I suppose in that sense, depression shows us how very little care we have for ourselves. We’ll let us fall into the pits of hell, and beyond. And we don’t care if we get bruised or hurt. We don’t care what happens to us. We just shrug and say ‘whatever’.

Cause that’s what we’re all about, us humans. Maybe people who are more ‘prone’ to depression are just a little more honest about it. That when you strip everything away that we’re supposed to care ‘about’, what are we left with? That’s the point where the truth comes out. When all that is left is you, suddenly there is no care left. And why is that? Why do we care about everything, but ourselves? And why do we see everything as more important than ourselves? Cause something is amiss here. How can we have ALL THIS CARE for all these other things, but then have ZERO left for ourselves?

Are we sure we’re living ‘care’ when we say we care about something? Seems more like a desperate attempt to find some semblance of ‘care’. Where we’re almost thinking to ourselves, ‘Ok, if I care about this thing, then I’ll prove to myself that care is real’. Like we’re looking for some reminder that care is a real thing. And so we go around trying to care about all these different things that we fill our lives with. While, as soon as it’s taken away from us, we’re reminded of the reality of ourselves. Which is that there is no care. There is only the bottomless pit that we keep letting ourselves fall into. And that’s the truth about depression. And it ain’t pretty, and it ain’t nice. But it’s a truth we need to come to grips with.

Cause rather than ‘looking for care’ in all the things we think we’re supposed to care about, our care needs to come from the depths of ourselves. Through and as and for ourselves first. It needs to be such where you know that even if everything was taken away from you, and you lost everything in your life, you would still find it within yourself to stand, and help yourself back up, and be there for yourself. Cause you care, about yourself. And you know that you come first. Like on an airplane, where you put on your own safety mask first, before assisting someone else. You take care of your life, and yourself in it, first. Can’t care about anything else if you don’t come first. So we’ve been doing it all in reverse. And so have created ‘depression’.

So give up on everything, and place yourself at that point of having lost everything. Who are you? Are you going to FALL into deep despair and depression? Are you going to give up on yourself, or is there something within you that knows better and has your best interests at heart? Will you FALL or will you RISE? Depression points to your decision with yourself, in those depths of you. At who will you be, when there is no one and nothing else but you?

Kim Amourette

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