Empower Yourself in Relation to Your Physical Body with QCK

With QCK we’re looking into the specificity of whatever physical condition, pain or sensation you’re experiencing. The specificity of a physical condition or pain exists in its relationship with your mind. How is your mind mapped out in your body and what is the condition/pain letting you know about your mind/body relationship? QCK helps you create the link between what you’re going through physically, and what’s going on on other levels of yourself – such as the level of your thoughts, emotional and behavioral patterns. It lets you see inside yourself in a way that empowers you to start working directly with your body. Or rather, using your body with its pains, sensations and conditions in a way that makes sense and is constructive. So that you don’t have to end up feeling just anxious, nervous, frustrated, afraid or helpless, but rather can KNOW and UNDERSTAND what is really going on and what you can do about it.

QCK is all about empowerment of yourself in relation to your body. To recognize and use your body as an extension of yourself, here for you to learn from about yourself and how the relationship with yourself is translated into the body. Your body is here to learn from, not vilify or fear when there’s something going on with it that you don’t understand. It’s to just seek out tools and methods to help you with this understanding. It’s the one frontier that’s important for us ‘human beings’ to start exploring. Our relationship with ourselves. With our CELLS. With how our inner reality influences our outer/physical reality. How our mind influences our body.

In a QCK session, we’ll have a look at how your physical issue and what it means on a metaphysical level – the level of your inner self. To get to know yourself, using your body as your flagpoint and map. Defining, in simple terms, what of you is out of balance and out of alignment, causing similar unbalance and misalignment in your body. Helping you see what needs to change or be realized about you on an inner level as your mind, to support yourself to change on an external level as your physical body.

It’s simple stuff, really. Yet, it’s the connection we’ve always missed in terms of our inner and outer reality. The connection of ‘specificity’. Of ‘as within, so without’. So support yourself to become more empowered – to start changing your outer reality through changing your inner reality, specifically pertaining to your physical body and the relationship between your mind and body. If you are having a physical issue like a pain, discomfort, illness or chronic condition, contact me about a QCK session where we’ll have a look at supporting you with understanding and realizing what of your inner you is being translated through your physical body and what it’s going through, and what you can do to start changing from the within to the without.

Empower yourself in your relationship with your body and start realizing and using it as an extension of you with QCK.

Kim Amourette

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