The Body Knows All

Doing QCK (Quantum Change Kinesiology), I work with one very simple tool: the body. The body, your body, which has been with you throughout your entire life, which has been your physical ‘place-holder’ for all that you have been and become in every moment you’ve been alive, and which therefore knows everything about you. It knows why you’ve developed certain illnesses, diseases or conditions and it knows the direct link between what is happening to you on a physical level, and who you are on an internal/metaphysical/mind level. It also knows what of you needs to change, if you want to change things on the physical level…

That is why with QCK, I work with the body as teacher. It’s your physical cross-reference that shows you very clearly, if you know how to look, what your path is. Physical illnesses, conditions or pains are but sign-posts that map out and show you your path to return back to a connection with yourself. They simply show you where that connection is separated and ‘out of balance’. And quite specifically so, depending on the location, depth, severity and sensation of the condition.

Your body has so much to tell you. And yet, what is the most overlooked about ourselves? Our body! Usually it’s only when something’s ‘wrong’ with it do we start listening. And even then we don’t really know what to listen for and what it’s really telling us. So we tend to panic, react, feel powerless and defeated. While, we could be responding entirely differently, with a sense of inquisitiveness and genuine interest in what our body, our teacher, is showing us. Recognizing that yes, while physical illness is a consequence that’s now inescapable for us to have to deal with, it’s also actually an opportunity to start exploring the relationship between our body and ourselves. And establish an understanding of ‘why’ we’re going through certain things on a physical level.

The aim of QCK is to support in that understanding and support in recognizing what of ourselves is being shown through our physical issue. Because once you’re able to see that any physical pains or conditions are actually quite specific and are really showing you very specific things about yourself, the way you start working with your body changes entirely. Your body will just be a tool on your journey of finding out who you are, and physical issues won’t be so much nuisances or obstacles but more pointers and sign-posts for what you must become aware of and start working with in terms of who you are internally.

If you are dealing with a physical issue that you’d like advice on and if you’re ready to start working with your body constructively, as support for your inner journey, please schedule a QCK Introductory Session with me. In this session we’ll already have a look at your physical issue and give perspective on your mind/body relationship, as well as unconditionally explore whether we would be a good fit to work together.

Kim Amourette, Quantum Change Kinesiologist

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