Holistic Wellness Check-In Chart – Free Download!

I did a thing! Lol – in looking at how to support with fostering holistic awareness, I ended up creating a Holistic Wellness Check-in Chart as a tool everyone can use (download at the bottom of the page!).

I wanted to make a quick video on how to use it – but it ended up being quite long, so I’ll share it in 2 parts.

Here is part 1 to introduce the chart and in this first part I also go over the 8 Pillars of Holistic Wellness so you have the context/framework for the chart.

In part 2 I go more into the specifics of HOW to use/fill out the chart exactly and also WHEN to use the chart!

Download your copy here of the Holistic Wellness Check-In Chart here:

Let us know your feedback when using it – we’d love to hear your experiences!


Practical Approach to Fear & Anxiety – Free eBook!

It is possible to ignore your anxieties, but only to a point. The strain and the tension takes a toll on the body and sooner or later the body will demand our attention. There are always signs and symptoms prompting us to recognize that we are moving in the wrong direction and it’s best to heed these warning signs sooner rather than later. We can really avoid much unnecessary pain if we but see the support that is available out there. Homeopathy being one of those.

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