Practical Approach to Fear & Anxiety – Free eBook!

Here I would like to share a small eBook on the subject of Fear & Anxiety. In this book I basically introduce homeopathy as a practical tool to deal with these emotions.
The idea came from seeing so many people struggle with these points, going as far as the state of collapse and complete exhaustion not being able to find practical solutions.

It is possible to ignore your anxieties, but only to a point. The strain and the tension takes a toll on the body and sooner or later the body will demand our attention. There are always signs and symptoms prompting us to recognize that we are moving in the wrong direction and it’s best to heed these warning signs sooner rather than later. We can really avoid much unnecessary pain if we but see the support that is available out there. Homeopathy being one of those.

I have included a small list of top homeopathic remedies which cover different characteristic of how fear and anxiety manifests within different types of people. I am sure many will be able to relate to some of the modalities and perhaps recognize a good matching remedy either for themselves or their loved ones when it is needed.
Enjoy. If any questions arise don’t hesitate to contact me 


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