Life is Movement

This statement has recently emerged into my awareness with quite some force. Looking at it now I can begin to understand the reasons of why it’s relevant and important.

Right at the beginning it’s probably useful to differentiate between two types of movement – the Mind movement and Self-movement.

Mind Movement would be basically just going with the flow, doing things the usual way as they have always been done, there is no effort. A good visualization would be seeing a train that’s going on predetermined railway, we know where it’s going, we know the patterns, it’s predictable, there is no real change.

Self-Movement on the other hand is a decision made by self to support self and move in such a way that breaks the chains of dependency and attachment to the relationship with our thoughts, our reactions, feelings and emotions. Self-movement thus does not come naturally because it goes against our nature that we have accepted and allowed as ourselves, as this world system. It’s a decision to create something different and acting on that decision with self-awareness.

So when making a statement “Life is Movement” – here the understanding is that we are talking about self-movement. I mean we can be extremely busy, generate a lot of movement and be very active, but if through this movement we only perpetuate all the existing patterns of the mind and only support the current systems managing our present existence we cannot say that this movement is something that supports life. Quite the opposite is true actually, as we can see the state of the world being at the brink of collapse due to all our activity.

It can be quite disheartening to see how unskilled and unprepared we are when it comes to self movement and how dependent we have become on the mind to tell us who we are and how to be, but then again we have to go easy on ourselves realizing that we have never been taught about what self-movement really is.

And so we are stuck in a way between the old world, which is busy crumbling, and the new which is not here yet, which we have yet to envision and create. It might appear like a huge task and it is, but the point is that it all starts with our personal lives and it’s not the big changes that make a difference but the small bits that accumulate into a greater change. We have the tendency to fall into a trap of believing that we require these heroic actions to change our lives and this scares us to the point of not moving at all. This is thus a reminder, also to myself, to keep it simple and commit to actions no matter how small and just keep moving, consistently, adding tiny bits every day with the understanding and the trust that these bits accumulate and will produce bigger changes eventually.

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