Introducing Static Back – a Posture Alignment Training taster!!

I was intent on doing a video describing the difference between the ‘ecises’ we use in Posture Alignment Training and regular exercises. After about a dozen takes and twice the tongue twists, I realized this is not something to be spoken about, this is something to see and experience for yourself!

And so, in this video I introduce you to one of our most popular ecises: Static Back. This ecise is great for pretty much everyone, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, or have pains/tensions in your back, pelvis and hips.

Also recommended to anyone who feels bad for taking time for themselves or feels like there simply is no time to stop and stand still – you need this!!

If this ecise triggers pain for you, then stop doing it and let me know so we can adjust it for you.

Of course, not all ecises are static or passive, I’ll share more in time to come so you can have different tastes of different ecises and how your body responds to them!

Now, get on the floor and put your feet up – it’s legitimate training, I promise 😉

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