Introducing Standing Arm Circles!

Enjoy a new taste of Posture Alignment Training with this ecise: Standing Arm Circles.

This is a great one to do at the start of the day to activate your stabilizing muscles, stack up your joints, create more balance and get your blood flowing.

If you have “gorilla arms”, this ecise is for you. To see if you have gorilla arms, go stand in front of the mirror with your arms relaxed by your side. Do you see a lot of the back of your hands? If so, your shoulders have probably rounded forward, changing the position of your arms relative to your body. Ideally, you should only see your thumbs with the rest of your hand behind your thumbs.

This ecise will help you to reposition your shoulders, moving your arms back to the side of your body so that the back of your hands point to the left and right of you and your thumbs face forward.

Let me know what this does for you!

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