About Us

Space of Grace is an online holistic wellness center.

It’s an Online center – which means that all our practitioners have adapted their skills and modalities in order to offer remote consultations and sessions, allowing you to benefit from our expertise from the comfort of your home.

It’s a Holistic center – which means that we consider and take into account the whole of you within the understanding that all aspects of our humanity are interconnected and that misalignments in one part of ourselves or our lives can ripple into other levels and parts of who we are. In the same way, we understand that the individual and the collective, the big and the small are reflections of each other – facilitating empowerment on an individual level is our way of bringing out the best in humanity and the world at large.

It’s a Wellness Center – What is well, what is good, what is best are the questions that drive us in our personal and professional paths. Years of study, training and application have allowed us the skills to unconditionally walk with another in service and honor of what is best for them.

Space of Grace’s Vision

At Space of Grace we hold the premise that each person's mind, being and body ought to be an able, balanced and self-sufficient whole that is capable of self-healing, self-aligning and self-creation. While centuries of disconnect and separation from our own selves, our minds and our bodies have suppressed and hampered humanity's innate abilities to understand and create themselves and their lives on all levels, we have tested and seen that this potential is still very much intact. We strive to be the bridging facilitators that unlock humanity's potential, firstly on an individual level, to then collectively bring the world back in touch and in balance with itself, its history, and its Earth. Individually and collectively, we have all endured and contributed to hardship, devastation and trauma on various levels. Yet, despite the consequences that have physically manifested from these imbalances and the misuse of our creative abilities, both in our lives and through generations, there is still an opening/opportunity/window to create the change we wish to see – a Space of Grace.

Space of Grace’s Mission

Space of Grace offers a growing range of alternative and holistic healing services at our online practice. Our practitioners have specified and adapted their skills to offer remote consultations and sessions, allowing clients to benefit from services that may not be available near them, from the convenience of their home. Each practice or modality considers a client as a whole and our practitioners strive to support each client by taking into account and/or working with their mind, being and body and their interrelationships. Our practitioners facilitate a process of autonomous healing, assisting a person to integrate their mind, being and body to unlock the innate strengths that each of these facets of our humanity possesses. As a multi-disciplinary practice, our individual practitioners and modalities complement each other, further ensuring much-needed and wholesome support.