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Own Your Life Story

Everyone has a life story. How will yours go?

Until you start to fully OWN your life story, life will always happen to you, and not through you.

When we suppress ourselves to cope with pain, we also cut ourselves off from our vulnerability, our passion, and our spark of life.

Do this enough times and it can feel like you’re just going through the motions while watching the movie of your life happen without you.

Keep this up and you may actually start to believe that there is no hope, purpose, or meaning to life.

Are you ready to see what is behind the pain and anger you’ve been carrying so that you can finally tap into your passion, purpose, and sense of meaning?

Are you ready to experience the power of unapologetic authenticity and start bringing that depth and clarity into all facets of your life?

Joe Kou offers highly customized, deeply personal one on one coaching. Using a multidisciplinary approach, clients will embark on a personal Hero’s Journey with support, guidance, and compassionate vulnerability each step of the way.