When hearing the word ‘posture’, you may think of straightening out your back and pulling your shoulders back. Most people attempt to improve their posture by trying to hold these positions, often finding it quite daunting, holding out for no longer than a few minutes… until discomfort sets in! So, let me put you at ease by saying that Posture Alignment Training – is not about you trying to hold yourself stiffly in a certain form.


But then… what IS it about?

When I talk about posture, I am not just talking about the curvature of your upper back and the position of your shoulders, I am talking about your entire body’s musculoskeletal alignment, balance and symmetry – from head to toe!

The body is a unit and what happens in one area of the body most definitely impacts what happens in other areas of our body. This is the primary reasons why so many become frustrated when trying to find a solution to their chronic pain; it is all too easy to focus entirely on the location of the pain and lose sight of the fact that that sore shoulder, that sore neck or that sore lower back, is part of a larger organism.

As we go through life (and especially if our lifestyles become more sedentary) our bodies tend to deviate from our functional design posture. Such deviations are tell-tale signs of dysfunctions and compensations in parts of our body. When those are present, pain and injury set in or are lurking right around the corner.

You see – muscles move bones – but when bones are not correctly positioned, it becomes harder for our body to recruit the correct muscles during movement or for stabilizing functions. When other muscles start doing the work of these compromised muscles, it directly affects how other bones are moved and positioned. In other words, we enter a vicious cycle of dysfunction and compensation that often culminates in pain or injury.

Pain in that sense is our body’s way of telling us that it has reached the limits of what it can manage to do on its own, and now really needs our help to restore balance and symmetry, no longer trying to manage the issues and limitations, but directly going after the cause. This is where Posture Alignment Training comes in.

Posture Alignment Training uses a series of gentle exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry to the body, restoring its designed posture, alleviating pain and returning you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle. Which exercises you should do is entirely dependent on your specific alignment. Every session therefore involves a full-body postural assessment mapping out your body’s postural deviations. Your posture and your pain become the guides that inform the course of your alignment training.

Keep in mind that Posture Alignment Training is a non-medical training method. I do not diagnose or treat your symptoms; I help you restore your body’s optimal posture and trust your body’s innate healing ability to take it from there.

I am trained in the Egoscue Method and certified by the Egoscue Institute as a Posture Alignment Specialist. Visit www.egoscue.com to learn more about the method and its mind-blowing success rate, or, better yet, book a Posture Alignment Training Session and let the results speak for themselves!

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