We all go trough some rough periods in life which can compromise our health either on mental or physical levels

It is in those periods that we require a little push to get back on our feet and homeopathy has served this purpose very effectively for over 200 years

The science of homeopathy is based on the principle Like Cures Like which means that instead of fighting, opposing or resisting the dis-ease the approach is to understand the condition in its totality and through that assist and support Self with carefully selected homeopathic remedies. Contrary to the popular belief homeopathy is effective not only in treating minor conditions but has a continuous success in resolving the whole spectrum of diseases ranging from mental to physical, acute and chronic.

The aim of Homeopathy, as expressed by its founder, is: 

“to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently, to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles”

To achieve this goal Homeopathy has more than 2000 remedies at its disposal. These remedies are extremely save to use, even for babies and pets, there are no side effects that we often see from traditional medications, and is FDA regulated.

It is used to treat acute illnesses like colds, ear infections, migraines, sore throats, as well as chronic conditions such as asthma, depression, addictions, autism, arthritis and a whole range of other mental and physical disorders.

My Personal Statement and Vision

There is a great potential existent within all of us, but often, due to factors beyond our control, it has been suppressed and many times even forgotten. It is my goal to seek, identify and challenge destructive patterns within you that are causing the dis-ease and to remove them with carefully selected homeopathic remedies and in this way create the necessary space for real change to become possible.