5 out of 5

Hi, I’m Kim Amourette. I’m a Quantum Change Kinesiologist. That means I have a background in Applied Kinesiology and have specialized in working with the mind/body-relationship. I’ve spent over ten years specifying what I do and have been supporting individuals through QCK sessions and color readings with understanding their own mind and body relationship and connecting with who they really are as LIFE. The life in you, the life in me, in the body, and existence itself. 

So if you’re facing a more physical issue, going through pains, illness or disease – I suggest schedule a QCK Session, to get some ‘existential perspective’ on what you’re facing and so get some clarity on ‘why’ you’re going through what it is that you’re going through.

If you’re looking for a sense of CONNECTION with yourself, with your REAL self – go for The Color Readings, to get a reading on ‘who you are’ and ‘where you’re at’ in your life, through the mysterious, fun and surprising world of COLORS!

My QCK: Existential Assistant – is there for the more ardent ‘student of life’, taking their existential process to the next level. Working directly with the physical body as your ‘cross-reference’ and support for ‘where you’re at’ within yourself .

And the support color reading – is there when you need just that ‘quick’ support. Just that extra perspective to help pull you through a point that you’re facing.

Courageous Heart is your platform of SUPPORT, to help nurture and guide the INNER YOU, provide some light in the darkness and some guidance and direction when and as you need it.