Born with and into a relatively extreme emotional condition and environment, now I am grateful of being able to prove for myself within my life that I could face and get to know myself and the reality, assist myself to find the purpose of my life, be able to gain suitable tool, make good use of supporting, and then implement them.

And I could again and again break through the limitation of my nature, solve various issues on my everyday life, free, grow, expand myself and create a life style that I would enjoy. During this process I appreciate everyone and everything that I go through with, also I share what I know and realized and myself with people, and hope those encountered can take the advantage and walk a better and easier life.

Therefore this on-line workshop becomes one of the ways to assist and support people. I am also a qualified counseling psychologist, have more than 20 years experience and serve more than a thousand people. If you are facing some living issues, would like to explore and transcend yourself, solve problems, or create a better life, it’s my pleasure to play a supporting role for your life path.




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