Family Optimization / 家庭優化支持

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Do you satisfy your family?

Do you know how to differentiate responsibilities when conflicts take place in the family?

Are you aware of the believes/emotions/personalities that you interact with and influence your family?

Family relationship can be the basic life relationship that influences all our other relationships in our overall life. Therefore it would be the main relationship that we want to manage well enough to support our other relationships. Even though in some cases the original
family relationship was already a history, there are still memories lying in the background of your mind to affect you now and then unless you had dealt with it properly.

Here one thing we should be aware of is, there are always your personality nature already there interact with your family that are influencing everything, and which are the things we eventually need to take responsibility when we are ready for it.

Following are the steps we could walk together during sessions :

. Clarify the things you would like to improve in your family.

. Look into what is the reason/purpose you want your family to change.

. Figure out your part of responsibilities in this process that can be worked with.

. Find out what are the things that actually get in the way for your family to change.

. Map out the strategies to achieve your family goal.

. Discuss other family related issues.

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. 澄清你想要在家庭中改進的事情。

. 探索你想要你的家庭改變的理由和目的。

. 整理出你個人在這過程中的責任與可以進行工作的部分。

. 找出什麼是那些實際上阻礙你改變家庭的事物。

. 規劃出達成你的家庭目標的策略。

. 討論其他家庭有關的議題。


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您的健康和個人突破是我們的首要任務; 請也將它們設為您的。 如果出於任何原因您不能參加Space of Grace從業人員的課程,則您有責任告知他/她並安排其他時間。至少需要提前48小時通知,否則將被視為喪失該節會談。

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