Posture Alignment Training Session

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Posture alignment training helps you press the ‘reset’ button when it comes to your physical alignment and your movement patterns to help your body restore its functional design posture, balance and symmetry.

In our functional design posture, all our load joints (ankles, knees, hips and shoulders) line up one on top of the other with our head balancing on top – and each pair of load joints is to be level, creating 90-degree angles. When we deviate from this alignment (and just about everyone deviates from this alignment) our bodies struggle to recruit the correct muscles to perform certain movements, actions or stabilizing functions.

The body starts using other muscles to take over the work of the compromised muscles. Such compensation, while it is a short-term solution, can create more misalignment, more imbalance and more dysfunction in the long run. Our physical alignment starts to deviate more and more from its functional design, and we start to feel more and more limited, uncomfortable, in pain, or met with injuries.

When we return the body to its functional designed posture, we start using our muscles and joints in the way they are meant to be used, removing undue pressures that have a debilitating and damaging effect on its structures. Your body will thank you for this chance to heal by reducing and eventually removing the pain and discomfort signals altogether!

Continue reading in the Description below to learn more about what each session includes!

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Posture Alignment Training sessions are one-on-one sessions. Sessions can be done in-studio in Coronado, Panama or can be offered remotely via video-calls.

Each session includes:

  • A discussion about your symptoms, health history and goals
  • A full-body postural assessment
  • Functional testing
  • Based on the above we create a personalized gentle-exercise menu that we go through together on the call and that you’ll continue doing at home on a daily basis
  • Access to the Egoscue Method app where you can access your menu, exercise instructions and timers from your phone together with the ability to quickly provide feedback

For the session, wear clothes you’re comfortable moving in. For remote sessions, be sure to have enough available space (if you can do a snowman movement
laying on the floor without hitting anything, you should be good 😉). I’ll need to see how your body moves and performs the exercises, so using a laptop, tablet or phone helps with being able to move or reposition the camera when needed.


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